So my cousin decided to call the woman who had a boob enhancement on the NHS, a slut. 

I don’t necessarily agree that she should have had it done on the NHS, however I wasn’t happy that he thought it was okay to call her that. 

This was our discussion on it. 

PLEASE reblog because I would love to be able to tell him he is Tumblr famous for this. 


ignore me, i’m tired



ffs I actually forgot to even wash the toothpaste off my face after I brushed my teeth. I hate myself. I’m so done.

Excuse me while I punch my family in the face

Anonymous said: Your friends will always be there for you because you've proved yourself a thousand times over already... there's no need to try too hard around them. All they want is the chance to prove themselves, so that they can help you (for once). So will you, can you, let them know what's going on? Please?

Thank you for saying this, it’s really kind of you to care about me this much. The thing is, I’m not good at letting anyone know what’s going on. I’m really sorry if I made you feel like you aren’t a valuable friend to me, because I love and treasure all my friends, but I just have a hard time being open with any of them. I don’t really want to post a lot of really personal and explicit crap all over my blog, so would you mind messaging me to tell me who you are and then I can reply privately to you via Facebook/text/tumblr if you have it? I promise I’ll tell you then, but it would really help me to know who you are so I can make my response more specific to you.



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