A massive trigger for my anxiety is being around someone who also has very high levels of anxiety at that moment but then the only thing that makes it even worse is that I get more anxious if I can’t help that person and logically it’s not always possible to help someone instantly when they’re in a situation where they’re anxious but then I just end up acting like a heartless bitch or a completely useless lump and being a terrible friend because I get anxious about not knowing how to help them but then it makes me more anxious about not being a good friend and yeah this is a really stupid and shitty cycle but how do you turn off caring about your friends because they are literally the most important thing in my life and I have to do everything I can to help them and ugghhhh

Anonymous said: Random question time: who is your favourite doctor?

aghhhh super difficult question alert! Hm…. I’m going to have to go for David Tennant because, well, he’s David Tennant and gorgeous and super duper and his series with Rose and Donna are probably my two favourites since 2005. Who’s yours…?

Anonymous said: You're so, so beautiful, so keep smiling when you can. I know it's hard sometimes, but you deserve to be happy!

Bless your soul <3 <3 :3 This message has made me smile. I hope you’re smiling because you deserve to be happy too.

Anonymous said: that's tough cos I won't take no for an answer :3 I know you can do it <3 are you many days clean right now?

:’) that’s very dedicated of you. I admire your perseverance and I hope you have the same determination for whatever struggles you’re facing. I won’t take no for an answer from you either :3 Eh… 4 days… :(

Anonymous said: I love you, don't forget it xo

That’s very kind of you <3 It honestly means more than I can say. And however I know you, anon, I love you too, for being so kind and loving to me.

Anonymous said: I ask because I think you're gorgeous and so lovely and I'm very proud you're trying to stop :)

That’s very kind of you but sadly I don’t find it that true :’) Thank you for being so caring though, anon. I’m guessing either you know me in real life or you’re just a lovely Internet person but either way, your support means a lot and I hope you know I’m always here if you ever want anything in return. Since it was my new year’s resolution to stop, I’m not feeling hugely hopeful but your message really made me smile…

Anonymous said: personal question- don't answer if you don't want to- but have u ever self harmed?

Answer under a cut (pun completely unintended and not amusing) because idk..

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I never shipped any real-life couple before Monchele, because my rule was that if I choose to be a fan of a celebrity, I have to respect their choices and their own personal lives and opinions. We all make decisions with what’s available to us and what judgement we have - some we regret later and some we don’t. I broke my rule for Monchele because it was just so obvious how much they were attracted to each other and how happy they made each other. But these pictures of Lea and Matthew remind me that, ultimately, their lives are their business, regardless of the disgustingly invasive behaviour of the paparazzi. Yes, they make me sad, and, yes, I miss Cory as an individual and I miss everything his and Lea’s relationship taught me and stood for for me, but in the end, my original rule should still stand. I am a fan of Lea’s and, as such, I don’t have to love her and Matthew together but I have to respect her judgement and allow her to make her own decisions and just because I broke the rule for a real-life couple I believe had true love, I’m going to try my best not to become so invested in any other celebrity real-life relationships, and to remember that deciding to choose to love someone and look up to them should come with an acknowledgement that any opinions I have on their personal choices are not the more important than theirs.

henriettaline said: I've been wondering... how was Cory's star chosen? What, if anything, did you know about it before it was picked? It's so appropriate, I've been wondering for a while if it was deliberate or coincidence. Either way, it's wonderful.




It was chosen because of the Finn/Rachel scene in 3x09.

The location of the star was actually chosen by the person who registers them, the only thing I could actually chose was what star to buy & i chose the binary star because it’s the brightest.

And thank you, it’s really lovely to hear that people appreciate it :)

Your work with this is definitely appreciated, and also seemingly rewarded, in the star that resulted. I’ve wondered about it ever since I looked it up, because I haven’t seen anyone talk about what star it is other than the coordinates. It’s special (aside from being Cory’s), a very appropriate star, and either the star register person (or star selection software) is secretly a huge Gleek or it’s a truly wonderful thing.

Cory’s star is easy to find in the sky, in the northern hemisphere; I look for it often, down from the end of the Big Dipper’s handle. It has some interesting and rare physical properties.

It has an older name, of course, most visible stars do. Alpha Canum Venaticorum: Cor Caroli. Some old constellation charts mark it with a heart. It’s perfect for that star to be Cory’s.


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